Dell PowerEdge R310 Firmware

Hi, I have a Dell PowerEdge R310 and found your video on YouTube. Thank you very much for nice video.
My question is: Can I update the Firmware, F11 with a USB ISO file as you show in your video, before I create my RAID 10? or after?


Please notice, after downloaded Dell EMC Repository Manager (DRM), DRMInstaller_3.3.2.735.exe, I am not able to find catalog group Enterprise Server catalog 20.05.00 and catalog Index Catalog 20.05.00.

Any suggestion for downloading?

I have the same problem as the video for R310 Updating Dell PowerEdge Servers the Easy Way - YouTube

My apologies for not seeing this until now. I was very busy moving to another state in December. And had to take my websites down for several weeks. I don’t own a 310 and have never worked with one but I can say if your going to update I would try to do it before establishing a RAID configuration.

The issue is that Dell has removed those older repositories. If you still have the repo installed it might still work but anyone installing new won’t find the repo to use.

I’ve used my old repo files and created a Linux Smart Bootable ISO file for the R310. You can find it here