Bookstack App for keeping track of it all

For anyone looking for a self hosted solution for a simple way to create and organize notes and processes I Highly recommend Bookstack. I run mine from a Docker Container, but you can install it however you like. When I was first searching for a solution I tried a few of the “wiki” style editors where you needed to learn the markup code and although they were powerful they just weren’t something I wanted to use. Bookstack is so simple and easy to use it’s ridiculous. I keep notes and install instructions on any project I work on. I can always come back and see how I did it. Find local file location notes, and specific upgrade instructions. On my Bookshelf I have sections for Linux Systems (commonly used commands), I have Proxmox (setup instructions, and unique configs, how to), and I have one specific to Docker (common commands and unique start lines for containers I use).