Ryzen 5 with ROG Strix B450-f Gaming Motherboard

For anyone who has seen my previous YouTube video on the B450-f Gaming Motherboard Blue Screen of death BSOD Fix… Here is some new information if you’ve updated to the latest firmware 4301. My son updated his BIOS and installed the new chipset drivers from their website. But he immediately had instability issues and Blue Screen Of Death reboots. The old tricks in the BIOS did not seem to be working and although the Chipset Driver installer says it’s going to install a Power Plan, I could not find any. Fun fact as well you can’t run the chipset install or uninstall in Windows Safe Mode… In the BIOS I tried everything I could including setting to the lowest RAM speed but nothing would stay stable. So, what ended up working was first doing a reset to Defaults, then going into AI Tweaker and manually setting the RAM Speed to that of the memory. Then set the TPU to 1. This will slightly overclock your system but it works. My guess is it slightly tweaks the voltages to something that is compatible. And everything just goes back to working. After a little research on the missing Power Plans, it seems Windows fixed their plans and rendered the Ryzen ones obsolete, so I set to the Balanced Windows Stock Power Plan and everything is working. Hope this helps someone else.