Request Dell R630 Firmware

Hi Allen !I a m happy to fail on your beautiful forum so rich.
I am looking for the firmware of the power edge r630.
Can you provide please?
Many thanks

Hi M. The R630 is still available in the DRM software. Anyone can use the Dell software and the current catalog to output that ISO. Here I’m using my space to host ISO that aren’t available unless you have the old catalog. Also, try here for individual files

Hello Allen
I thank you for your answer.
My problem is that it is currently impossible for me to use the DRM to generate an ISO. I have installed the DRM software under all these versions on several machines but none of them work (DRMService not working)
So I can’t use Dell Repository Manager. I’m stuck

Ahh I see. I’m giving it a shot now. If I can output one I’ll post a link here.

Ok try out this ISO file and see if that helps…

Thank you very much Mr Allen.
I’ll test the image on Monday and let you know if it’s ok


Hi Allen, I have the same issue with downloading the R430 software. Can you post that one as well? Thank you!